Yoga of transitions


If you are reading this, then we can all thank technology on airplanes 😉 That also means we are beginning our tradition back to being hOMe. California was good to us, it took a few days to acclimate to the time zone, the cooler weather, to the lack of humidity (which oddly, I kinda missed), and now we begin that slow process of acclimating to hOMe.

One of the things I love about being in the bay is the I immediately feel welcomed. I feel the draw to the ocean, the mountains ( even though we didn’t make it there this trip. Out next trip has a long list!), and I want to share so much of what I love about the area with the boys. I want them to love being there too. Being back, I always get the reminder of how much I love my besties I left here when I moved to the ATX, but then the is the reality check that even if I still lived in the bay, I would still only see those awesome ladies rarely.

we are busy women. We are making names for ourselves, providing for our families, and we would still be living in different cities. C’est la vie. This is why my trips are amazing.

so now the trip is over, we go back hOMe hoping to keep the love we feel, to keep the fullness of joy, to settle back into our routines/our ways of eating and being. Today begins the transition.

transitions aren’t easy. Let me repeat that. Transitions are NOT easy. At least not at first. On the mat, we see them in vinyasa: flowing throw down-dog to plank to chatarunga to up-dog. Most times, we rush through too quickly often thinking they are one and the same. Only through practice and time do we begin to find joy in the movement. Off the mat, we tend to keep ourself so busy that we hardly notice when a change occurs. There really is joy there too, we just need to leave space to see it, feel it.

and that is my job today.

To leave space. To be home and feel out the transition of being. To see what comes home from California with us and what status on vacation. This yoga mama knows it will take time to settle, but it will be worth seeing the growth that has come out of our travels. Here are a few moments we loved, I hope you enjoy them too.




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