Bliss in food

Everyone talks about food.

What they eat, what they don’t eat. Paleo, vegan, gluten free, pescatarian, local, homegrown, you name it! You never hear someone say “I eat only boxed foods.” Or ” I eat food.” It always has some label. Food used to just be food. You grew some. You went to the market for what you needed. Things were in season or they weren’t. Bananas were a luxury. 

I’m no nutritionist and I’m not here to tell you WHAT to eat, but after our vacation in CA and going to the fabulous farmers markets there I definitely have some better ideas for our summer eating.

Little man excited he picked out white nectarines and apricots to try. 

We already go to the farmers market on the weekends and do a CSA box {which IS great, CA just has so much more ability to grow stuff! It makes our markets seem a little sad}, I found that Bug had way more fun picking stuff out and trying it then when we just get the box.  It’s so easy to “eat the rainbow” with all the fresh fruits and veggies.

We will be eat ’til our bliss and content making sure our tummies stay full and happy! There will gazpacho, home made pizza (of course, loads of watermelon, and simple easy foods. Moderation and sparkle water! As the heat builds make yourself happy {and your belly} by eating some cooling, local foods!




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