Finding the groove

Working hard on enjoying summer

Since getting back from California, we’ve struggled a bit to be home and find our once easy groove. Sure we’ve enjoyed being back at our home and yes, there is beauty in our lack of flow, but we also have had some head butting between bug and I. There’s a lot of frustration when I have to put the bear down for a nap or that we can’t do all the things we want all the time. It’s hard being little. It’s also hard being mama and having to set boundaries during our “freedom time”. 

So we have had a rough few days. 

That is reality. That is life. Things aren’t always perfect BUT that doesn’t mean things are bad. Living in reality and not getting into a negative space takes all my practice of yoga! When we work hard on a pose or a flow sequence and it just. doesn’t. seem. to work. It’s hard. Taking a step back. Taking a deep breath. These are the ways we can approach things differently. Sometimes that means you gotta change up they way you enter into a pose or in our case, change up the way we kick off the day. Like getting out of the house, every damn day. Most importantly, every morning we leave to go swim or play at the splash pad. We exhaust ourselves and then chill. 

Water balloons dispelled some frustration this week 😝
If we wake on a foul mood, water. 

If we are tired and not rested enough, water.

If we are “bored”, water. 

Hot, water.

Water, water, water. It’s our answer. 

So this summer, if you are getting the blues or having a rough go at it, remember that a tough time is not a bad life. Shift it. Change it. Or go jump into some water and splash around like your inner child is begging to do. Enjoy it!



Let your inner mermaid shine!


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