back to the spiritual path

IMG_3891my daily grounding: feet in the dirt, coffee in my cup. my “church”

i’ve been really feeling as if i need to get back to some basics and get back onto the “spiritual path”. not that we ever really leave the path, but it has truthfully been awhile since i really looked at what i believe in. so i do. i sat down and wrote out the things i know to be true for me and i’ll tell you something, i have some work to do to have some of these things show up in my day to day. it’s important for me AND it’s even more important to show these acts to the boys, because growing up believing in tv or the narcissism of social media, well we’re gonna have a big problem if we don’t shift that shit! so, here is what i came up with… i believe in:

  • love. love is love is love and it will heal all.
  • the golden rule: treat other’s how you want to be treated. all else that follows always comes back to this. period.
  • you are only in charge of YOUR actions and reactions. you can’t make anyone do anything, you can only choose how you act or react.
  • what you intend behind your action is everything. if you mean harm, it will show. if you act in kindness, it will show. look at why you are doing something, then act accordingly.
  • we are all connected. when you hurt, i hurt. when act out against you, i am also acting out against myself. no separation, see golden rule.
  • time outside is time well spent. nature is important and our world is changing. the earth is a living entity, treat it with respect. see golden rule.

while i can honestly say, i live according to the golden rule, 95% of the time, there are times when it doesn’t show. in a world that seems to be intent on separation {class, race, education, even like on social media}, i feel it is even  more important to raise these boys with the knowledge that we are all equals. we are all connected. and that what we do DOES matter. how we treat other’s DOES matter. and this may be a heavy convo for a monday morning, but hey, it’s a fresh week. why not look a little harder at what you believe in and how you are conveying that, children or not. because how we act is a direct reflection on who we are. it’s time to walk the spiritual talk!




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