time out

this weekend, i took some time “off” and away to really have some alone time. not just nap time, but some alone time just for me {although i did have some lunch with a friend}.

i’ve been looking a lot into mindfulness and meditation to bring forth more of how i want to raise the boys. it is important for me to have them see me practicing yoga and meditation, but also going to work/teach AND take time away from them for myself. we are in a strange time these days. and i know i’m not the only one who feels a little lost or like there is something lacking in our way of life. in a world SO connected, we are missing that true connection with others. we are missing our tribe!

on my “time out” and about, i realized how much our solitude and independent living is both a blessing and a curse. we rely on “strangers” to watch our families in order to connect with partners or friends. we plug in to check in with our friends instead of seeing them or hell even calling them to say “hi, what’s happening with you?” we are more involved with little dramas of “stars” than with the happening of the stars, moon, or world around us. we need our tribes.

part of why i love yoga is that in a class you are moving as one. sure you aren’t always in sync with your neighbor, but for the most part y’all are doing the same practice, plugging into the same source. stirring the prana and filling your respective cups. c’est la vie. this should be the heart of our every day. in the flow of life with our neighbors, with our peeps, with our tribes. feeling connected and supported instead of feeling alone or apart or even worse, separate from all. so how do we get back to the tribe?

cities were once built around churches, communities built around the commonality of belief, so where do we gather now that so many no longer have faith in religion? well maybe it’s just me, but yoga has been my replacement for the church halls as has been my coffee shop community and my awesome mama tribe. we need support, hugs, help from those around us. taking my little time out helped me see how much i thrive when mama’s look out for each, when yogis lift each other up, and when humans do the human thing and lend a hand.

where will yoga take you? where is your tribe? can you say hi and make some new friends from class? are you ready to take a time out and fill up your cup?


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