meditation + yoga

Or, all the good stuff for you!

a little meditation in the sun☀️

We are home from our fun trip to see more family, it was amazing and exhausting all in the same breath. It’s taken me a while to digest it all and all that is happening the world right now. It’s easy to get caught in the rabbit hole of fear and frustration, but neither do any good. In a different world, no one would have to worry about their babies dying or fear their lives being taken for no reason. We have to strive to make that be the world we live in.

In order for me to combat the “busy” mind and media induced fear (fear of people of color worries me with my half Arabic babies and all the hatred spewed, leading to all the fear mongering happening these days), I work hard to sit in stillness daily to keep my sanity. Sure, summer days are busy and lately have been starting early, but that just makes quiet time more important. 

I’ve been working with mantra a lot to keep spreading love and peace throughout, I’ve been using a specific one daily. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu means: May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings.

Some powerful words to bring about peace in this time of need. I am fueled by meditation and coffee, since coffee sipping is usually meditation time too! I often start with picturing my family and embracing them into this mantra, then my community, then the world as a whole. We all could use some happiness and to embrace the idea that our actions affect the collective whole. I hope in this time of need, we start with ourself to spread the love and mindfulness of our actions. 

I hope you too find a way to life with more love, more happiness, and more peace. Even if it’s from meditation or one cup of coffee at a time!




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