{down} dog days of summer

I admit, there have a been a few times I have considered renaming my blog “chaos and coffee”, not just for summer but because that is how life feels right now. Like a whole lot of chaos and I have to have some coffee in order to deal. If you question the chaos, then let me share Bear currently has a fork in his hands and is waving it at anyone who comes near him. We may have gone  completely feral {or one step away from Lord of the Flies}. But as all mamas and teachers know, summer freedom is coming to an end. While summer may not give way to fall for a little while longer, school will be in session soon giving order to the chaos.

With our lackadaisical summer ways coming to a close, I am looking forward to the consistency of our days, writing regularly again, and perhaps best of all publishing The Living Mala book. As some of you know, Nancy and I hit publish on the yoga deck a few weeks ago and they have nearly sold out. Worry not, more will be ordered this month. But the book has been going through edits, more edits, and fine tooth combs to be ready to hit send. It’s a scary thing, but also exhilarating! Life feels best when grabbed by the horns😉

Bug is shocked I co-wrote a book this summer!
For now, our days will be guarded {yes he still has the fork. no I won’t let him stab anyone including himself with it} to keep the essence of summer chaos. I will sip coffee as it all unfolds. Keeping my yoga practice more off the mat than ever to make sure an ounce of sanity is left when school begins again.

See chaos!! Coffee and yoga help though 😉

I miss having my regulate meditation practice, one day soon I hope to get up earlier than these boys. But who knows when that will happen.

Our yoga deck! Reach out if you want one!


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