when ritual returns

as i have said before, more than once this summer i thought about renaming this blog “chaos and coffee”, we have thoroughly enjoyed our freedom from being bored to swimming daily. all seasons come to an end giving way to a new transformation and a new season, i can say we all are looking forward to a little less freedom and a bit more structure.

IMG_7240some days require more coffee than others

sometimes when we are feeling out of sorts, it is a good reminder to look at our days and the rituals we use to keep us healthy and happy. more often than not for me, whens’m feeling out of sorts, the routines/rituals i normally rely on are lacking. summer is a great time for chaos, fall is a great opportunity to jump back in! even though i have accomplished a lot this summer {co-authored a book that we are self publishing this month, made a yoga deck that is available now, traveled solo with the boys, traveled as a whole family, and many other awesome actions}, i can only imagine what will happen when i have a little more alone time. chaos is great for striking back into order.

IMG_8388loads of laughs and smiles, but plenty of melt down too!

over summer, i have mentioned i lost my meditation practice. i have found it in many other forms as we yogis do, but it is not the same. i have set aside the early AM wake ups for late nights and “sleep in’s”, and comforts have taken the place of adventures as the first year of two come to a close. the hot temperatures may be a long way from disappearing, the change of season is still palatable in the air. the changes in our home and in my practice are in that same realm. today i may be no closer to getting back to my dark morning quiet sits, i am closer to be ok with that ritual ebbing and flowing. with my needs shifting and then coming back. for now, i am finding stillness amongst the chaos to and seeing what is left after those flames.

are your rituals different for each season? or are you steady like a rock with what  you need to start your day/make you feel whole?




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