being magic, or finding the light

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” ― J.K. Rowling

as summer slowly fades to fall, i can’t help but think of the magic that exists in the world. as a young adult, i definitely fell into the category of wanna be witch. no, i wasn’t wearing all black nor did i dress like Stevie Nicks. perhaps it was growing up in the era of The Craft (yea, that movie was amazing). i have memories of sitting on the roof of the town house lived in with a girlfriend and chatting about the moon and its magic. before that there were the conversations with my bestie in our first apartment of how could we create the magic we saw in the movies (yea robbie and key, clearly those memories are core to me now 😉  )

as i have grown, my interest in the magical has not left me, but my awareness of what it is i long for has changed. no longer do i want to move the earth and create the world i want (um, i have already done that and it did not take magic to do so), but instead i long for the light i see in the world to shine brighter. the magic i want to see if the beauty in the world around me, the light and brightness in others, and to be more in tune with the natural world around me. more practical magic, less the craft.

now, more than ever, i am finding the value in watching the sunrise and seeing the sunset. in choosing to see the light and connection in others. to get my hands dirty in the dirt while planting for each season or tending to the herbs in my garden. there is magic all around us and beauty far surpassing the photos we may see on the internet, the choice is ours to connect in and find that beauty. because a life without beauty and magic is no life at all.




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