chaos and coffee, part deux

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
― Mary Oliver

i’m drowning.

obviously, not really drowning, because i would not be writing this, i’d be screaming for help or working to save myself.nonetheless, the feeling is the same.

heavy heart, anxiety, pressure.


these first few weeks back to school have been tough. kiddo isn’t enjoying it, it has been a bit of a battle to get him to embrace some of the changes. maybe it is his dread of going that has made my time while he has gone some what of a cluster, but for some reason while he is in school nothing really gets done. well, that’s not exactly true. i have finished the book like three times, but nancy and i want it to be perfect! and i think it finally is. all the hard work to edit, beautify, and mold this book into all its living yoga glory seems to be done. a few more little things to do and off to the presses it goes.

when i think about it, maybe this is why i feel like i’m drowning. i am doing so much as a mama {holding space for these littles and helping them gain confidence, learn compassion, and nurture creativity in this world} and partner {house work, meals, and date nights} and then there is the stuff for me {teaching, my practice, writing the book, working on ways to get others to see the eight limb life}. just listing some of this out makes me see how much pressure i have been putting on myself to “get it done”, to “do it all”. no wonder i feel heavy in the heart and a little anxious, i am not letting myself have some space. i’m not giving myself the room to breathe.

the energy of summer seems to be following us. coffee and chaos.

it seems fitting that thursday will be the first day of fall, that i’m looking at these things now and am ready to let go of this chaos. this energy that feels unsure. i want to step into my greatness. step into my confidence. and really step into single tasking throughout my days. i an already see a social media purge as well as getting more writing shared here. i mean, it is always my intention to share her daily, but the chaos has been hectic. as all things must come to an end, part of me will be sad to fully see summer go, but most of me is embracing the inward turn of fall and the coming back to routine/ritual.

or maybe i’m just really f-ing happy that the book will be published so soon i can smell the fresh pages!

how will you bring in the fall?





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