Fall into balance

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.-Albert Camus

this coffee drinker is making tea!

happy autumn equinox (vernal equinox for you Southern Hemisphere folks!), not sure if y’all are experiencing fall weather, but here in Texas it is still hot. making it hard to think about cool evenings and warm clothes, but here we are. embracing the shift of  external, loud summer to quiet, inward fall. on this day of balance (day and night are balanced), it is important to spend a little time with your own balance.

A little quiet time and maybe a dance party.

being outdoors and time in our hOMe,

solitude and embraces from our family/friends.

Whatever duality that you feel called towards, take it!! Maybe for you fall is a time for family because of all the holidays, so embrace that, but maybe read quietly before bed. If you are feeling a little more “Practical Magic” like (yea that’s what autumn makes me feel like!), clear some space and put out some candles and pumpkins. Maybe you prepare for day of the dead (Oct. 31-Nov 2) and pull out photos of friends and family that have passed on. Or make some chai tea to fill the house with some smells related to fall (sorry, but eff that pumpkin spice business. Unless you are making pumpkin pie today, then carry on!).

This space will hold my family, friends, and pets who have passed in preparation for Dia de los muertes.
However you choose to embrace fall (a jump into a pile of leaves, perhaps?), let the change of season be an opportunity to find bliss!




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