Hey y’all!

“oh my” seems to be my go to phrase these days, from how fast the boys are growing to how quickly life seems to be moving to finishing up my first book, all i can seem to utter is “oh my”.



all rights reserved (c) cover image by Nancy Alder 2016, the living mala (c) nancy alder + Liz Vartanian



i can’t believe it is done! part of finishing the book though was writing some acknowledgements to all those who have supported this process, people who have supported me as well as nancy, and it really got me thinking how little we acknowledge those people in our lives that are there for us. people that lift us up by sending little notes of encouragement or buy our book in order to support those we care about! i feel so blessed to be not only surrounded by amazing people who inspire me, but also people who help lift others up!

today, i got to create an author page on Amazon, like whoa! i still can’t believe how wonderful this world is that we can create, write, paint, take photographs, and truly express ourselves in this world however seems fit. i’m proud of us all for creating, i acknowledge y’all for creating even if it’s just on your journals or doodles on napkins. i acknowledge y’all for living and breathing and living the practices that are right for you.

i hope y’all have a great monday, i certainly am.







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