Taking a step back

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~Anne Lamott

All my friends think I’m crazy. Since hitting publish on the book last week, all I can think about is taking a social media break. With election craziness being spread like wildfire and a constant flood of “look at me” comparison photos, I am pretty much done. And while that is great, my friends all keep telling me that I have to keep “sharing the book”. That just because it is out, the work doesn’t stop there, now I have to sell it.

Truth be told, I made the book for me. My part has always been for me. To hold my own advice in my hands and say “yes, this is exactly what I need to take care of myself.” Everything else is icing on the cake! I’m still getting cake 😉

The urge to step back is not new. There are many studies saying that we are training our brains hardwiring when we use our smart phones. We literally aren’t connecting with people any more, but connecting digitally. WTF?  I don’t want that. I definitely don’t want to be”trained” by the ding of my phone or miss chats with friends because I need to “check in”. Or go down the rabbit hole of political nonsense (which there is plenty on either side). There is too much to miss when we are constantly looking down.

So I am starting small (mostly because Nancy and I are doing a book giveaway this week on IG!!! Be sure to look for it!), Facebook is off the phone. I’ll still share pics if the boys, but I’m stepping away from the news. I can’t hang. I’m limiting the IG posts. Just because some moments are better enjoyed.   I have some blog posts scheduled and I’ll still be checking email in the AM and PM. Mostly, I will get back to the yoga of life. That living breathing practice and discovering what is next on the “list”. What new adventure and else i am ready to share.

How do you cope and find balance between life and online?


        I got to hold my book at Bug’s BFFs house!! So beautiful!


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