back to basics

“The autumn leaves blew over the moonlit pavement in such a way as to make the girl who was moving there seem fixed to a sliding walk, letting the motion of the wind and the leaves carry her forward. […] The trees overhead made a great sound of letting down their dry rain.”
― Ray Bradbury


fall always feels like a fresh start.

a chance to reset.

and fall even asks that we do this, it is the only season that asks, maybe even demands that we slow down. spring invites us out of our winter cocoon by bringing us warm days, knowing that we will. summer encourages the bare minimum of clothing and gives us the space to find any reprieve from the heat. fall just says i’m going to ask you to let go, i’ll show you how. see the leaves. they drop what is dead. see the days are becoming shorter? they remind us to find the comforts of home. fall says come home, make it your sanctuary. look inside of yourself and make that home too.

as we embrace the days of fall, there is some back to basics we must remember. why must we embrace fall and the basics? well, because we humans respond to nature. we are bound by it, no matter how much we deny it or remove ourselves from the nature cycles, we are nature driven. so let’s just accept that when fall comes, we come back to basics.

to prepare us for the cold months, we make our homes a sanctuary. a place to “be in” and rest. so on those cool fall nights, we create our homes to comfort us and nurture us like a little nest.

we take time to cook, to bake, to take comfort in foods that feed the soul not just keep the body warm.

we start the slowing down. it’s tough my friends, i know. yet, if we stop the glorification of busy and of multitasking, we can not only accomplish more, but we can be really aware of what it is we are doing. and then take some time for the art of doing nothing.

fall asks that we do just that. nothing. maybe nothing looks like enjoying a cup of hot apple cider or watching the leaves fall. nothing could just be lounging under a blanket on the sofa and taking in the morning. or a warm bath in the evening. these all sounds like something, but stillness often is hard at first, so these slow steps towards nothing help remind us to practice this lost art.

lastly, fall reminds us to take in some beauty. to find the wonder of the changes in season. to appreciate mother nature and all her grace. because as mother nature sheds off summer, she is quite beautiful.

fall is here. and it is asking you to get basic. to make space for yourself to reflect, to shed, and to prepare for the cool months that drive us all inside (homes and you know hOMe) to hide from the weather. fall shows us, reminds us the importance of shedding what we no longer need, of embracing ourselves. so let’s fall in love with fall. not just the long pants and sweaters, but the comfort of self. not just the pumpkin spiced lattes, but the dropping of shit that no longer serves. not just the halloween decorations, but the connection to our ancestry and to who we are. because that is really what fall is, the chance to connect. connect with ourselves.




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