making it happen

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve Maraboli


oh friends, i am riding on a wave of awesome lately. some times i forget how wonderful it is when you manifest, when you ask for what you want, and then you receive. life has been a wild ride as you may know reader. from our chaos and coffee summer, a book has been produced and now, NOW i’m going to be teaching at the Texas Yoga Conference in February 2017. i have the pleasure of teaching “the living practice” which will encompass the 8 limbs of yoga and how we can live them in our modern every day lives.  it is a dream for me to really get to share my passion with y’all!! and sunday morning we will come hOMe with some yin practices and yoga nidra all in an effort to connect to our hearts and souls.

truthfully, i applied for the conference because i needed to get out of my comfort zone, i wanted to see what would happen if i put myself out there, like really out into the world. we can only hide our light for so long before they either light the world on fire or go out, that is what candles do. so i set mine to blaze. and as a good friend of mine always says “blaze on bitches!’ i refuse to let my gift be snuffed our, just like you should, so i went for it. this has been a year for that. for going forward. for paving a new path. for honoring my gifts. who knew sipping coffee, being mama, and practicing yoga would all collide into this beautiful mess i call life.

if you are in texas or were thinking about heading to TYC, please consider coming to take class with me. it would be fabulous to meet you, to hug ya, to share yoga with you. let’s do it… what are you going to go forward on?




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