what’s next…

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde


lately i’ve been wondering “what is next?”

it seems like this question has taken over my meditation time as well as it has become my most common thought as i wash dishes, load the laundry, or am driving. it seems to be almost a riddle or something i can’t quite put my finger on. what is this next thing that is on my mind?

i have let myself mull this question over and over, what am i really asking?

i know that the yoga world is in a shift towards mindfulness, towards a slower practice. more meditation and less, well, less forcing. less pounding of the flesh, less whipping the body into “shape”. sure, there is always going to be handstands and bikinis and yes, for some people it is and always will be just a workout. for the rest of us though, yoga is changing. ok, yoga isn’t changing, because yoga has always been about mindfulness and meditation and a sense of presence. we as practitioners, as teachers, as students are changing the way we practice yoga. and i have to say, i’m excited!! but is this what my question really is about? i’m having a hard time saying “yes, problem solved. moving on!” sure the way we view yoga is changing and yes, the slower/more meditative practices are taking a push forward. what’s next for yoga is it will remain the same while our depth and understanding of it changes. what’s next with yoga is that we as students are starting to live it more, to not necessarily keep it in the confines of the studio. we use the studio for our connection to our communities, but not to our source. source is always with us and yoga is reminding us softly stay in that connection.

so then, i am left with the question as a self-inquiry, what is next? perhaps that is the hardest to answer. as a yoga teacher and a mama, there are only so many classes i can teach. so many workshops, so many retreats (which i am still working on). i’ve co-written a beautiful book and we are working on the next one, is this enough? if this post is feeling to woo-woo for you, i’m sorry. life as a yoga teacher is one that constantly brings these questions to the surface. our roles as teachers rely solely on students to teach, on being connected enough to our communities and selves to teach what is in our hearts and share what we love about yoga and know to be true about practicing this beautiful tool. but there is a misconception that if we somehow just “work hard enough” that we can become “the next”. the next shiva rea, the next rachel brathen, the next big yoga teacher. here’s the thing, i don’t want to be the NEXT big thing. i want to be a space holder for you, i want to hold the space for YOU to find yoga, to find yourself. i want to hold space for you, so that you can learn how to do it for yourself. whoa, right?!?

what is next?

well, what’s next for me is writing another book with Nancy. what’s next for me is still holding space in my classes here is Austin. what’s next for me is exploring how best to let others discover what practice means to them. what’s next is that it is time. time to be me. to be mama and teacher. to know that there is no separation. not from mom liz or yoga liz or author liz or liz liz. there’s no separation between you and i. we are both having human experiences, our differences are small compared to our similarities. let’s hear each others stories. and let’s let go of the stories that hold us back.

i may not be exactly clear on how or even what (ok, i mean like what the what looks like or the steps of the what) “next” is, but i know this. times are changing. yoga is shifting some. and so am i!



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