Happy trip around the sun!

“we turn not older with years but newer every day.” ~emily dickinson

img_1157coffee, first!


thank you for all the birthday wishes, y’all know how to make a lady feel loved.

this week has been both normal and also a good reminder that no matter what i accomplish or experience, i am still a mama 😉 the boys sleep has been all over the pace (as has been mine) and my birthday celebration was “cut short” when bug announced that he was “done celebrating my birthday” and that “it is very hard sharing a birthday month” with me. along with these lovely moment of parenting yoga, i have been hugged, called, texted enormous amounts of love. i have received the most beautiful crystals, sweet ringing bells, and from my mom a die de los muertes art project ( i am about to get started on in a minute).

with all this, i have been slowly making my list. there will be a lot of self care making sure as each year passes, i will be as healthy as i can be for my family and self. there will be some lady weekends, another book published, possibly taking the kiddos to Disneyland (they are already going to Hawaii. again for bug, but the first trip for bear), and most definitely continuing my growth game. each year, i become more comfortable as myself. in this skin. learning, loving, and being.

here’s to many more years of that,

xo ~liz


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