Samadhi Report, life off the mat

“To be happy–one must find one’s bliss”
― Gloria Vanderbilt

img_1668some hOMemade ricotta & peaches soaking in ginger/bourbon

i’ve missed you friends. how are y’all doing?

as usual, i have been considering what i want to share with y’all. and i think i am finally getting into a space of being able to write more again. and what i have come up with is this… i want to share more blissful stuff. yoga life off the mat and some stuff on the mat. more alignment of what i want to share in the world: self care; yoga in all things, a sense of being and living whole. it is time for me to bring all these parts of me together. i want to start sharing more practices we can use to create samadhi {bliss} in our lives, while not ignoring that life has ups + downs.

my hope is you’ll be seeing more of me here. that there will be minor adjustments, offerings, and more well bliss. while yoga on or off the mat are great ways to be blissed out {or at least clear the way to get to bliss}, it is not the only route. self care is a vast topic. and i’m hoping to share recipes: food and herbal/aromatherapy, restorative yoga poses to do at home, and some pondering about how we can keep the yoga juju flowing all day.


so yesterday was election day and instead of getting caught up in a volcano of hoopla that the last two years of self promoting this election season has been, i decided to bake. to make cheese. to play with the boys. i held space for some yogis who needed an escape too. using my kitchen time as a moving meditation, as filling food with love to share with friends and family. making my actions mindful, so i wouldn’t get distracted by politics and infuse my food with fear or frustration. it takes a lot of presence to really infuse love into every part of a meal. to not let the mind wander. but it really helps. focusing on the task at hand brings a sense of peace, calm, and bliss. which was much needed by most of us i’m sure.

one practice that i am loving right now is to do the metta meditation {otherwise known as the loving kindness meditation} while cooking. may all those who consume this nutritious food be happy, healthy, and may they know peace. reciting this mantra as i have been in the kitchen baking/cooking has been powerful for me. mostly because i want my friends and family to feel these things often. and so i do my best to hold space for them to find happiness, to feel healthy, and to know peace.

what is helping you feel blissful these days?




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