how we heal: on the mat practice

“We all have an inner light waiting to guide us home. But sometimes the Universe turns off all the lights, so we have no choice but to find our own.”
― Rebecca Campbell

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 

― Jalaluddin Rumi

how ever you feel about the state of things today, just know we will be ok. it hurts (maybe not, maybe you are feeling like you can finally breathe now. don’t gloat. just be in your peace). be in it, but don’t get stuck in the hurt though. we need to rise up. come together. heal ourselves, our communities, and unite. we need to both work on ourself as well as work on change together.

our yoga practice and community is a great place to begin. sure you ask, ‘how does yoga change the state of the world?’ well my friends, it changes us. and when we change, so does the world around us.

maybe we start by slowing down.

by meditating.

by being kind.

by filling in the cracks with gold.

no matter what you believe, today is a perfect day to take a good five minute heart opener. use some bed pillows, couch cushions, whatever you got and take reclined heroes pose. take a blanket over the body to add that bit of pressure which will actually create some release.

heart over arms 2

if the knees are tense, extend the legs out or take bound angle. breathe. settle into your body. let the emotion rise up and come out. cry. scream. laugh. peel away the shit that is pushing you down. today, we need to open our hearts even more. we start the process.

healing ourselves can mean many things. it can be accepting and coming into more of yourself. it can be going into therapy for healing of a trauma. it can be taking action of funding your passions. it can be talking about what you believe. in can be listening to someone who opposes your views, so that we all can understand how we got here.

open your hearts today, so that we can begin the healing.

holler at me if you need support. if you need a shoulder. if you need an ear.




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