Yoga Tools: Mudras

“We have hands; we can stand on them if we want to. That’s our privilege. That’s the joy of a mortal body. And that’s why God needs us. Because God loves to feel things through our hands.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

img_7646rocking some mudras!

something i love to incorporate in my every day are the use of mudras. i got super into them when i was pregnant with bug ( i used the sequence of mudras below to help combat nausea), using mantra of Sa-Ta-Na-Ma while moving my thumb from pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky over and over again. this mudra and mantra bring mental balance while bringing in calmness and clarity. kirtan kriya is what this mantra/mudra combination is referred to often and it is a simple action to steady the mind and bring balance back to the body.

from the “ok mudra”/gyan mudra symbolizing connection with the divine (when you are literally showing OK to someone else) to sealing in namaste with anjali mudra giving the gesture of divine offerings, mudras are a simple way to set intention, to practice yoga, and a great tool for bringing focus. there are too many mudras to cover, but below is a link to learn more about this seldom discussed practice.

here is a great site to check out different mudras and their meanings HERE

there are so many yoga tools that our practice reminds us, from long exhales to legs up the wall to easy meditations. i look forward to sharing some with you!




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