bliss at hOMe:creating a sanctuary

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was. Likewise, I never imagined that home might be something I would miss.”
― Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

img_1946my sweet aloe plant and Buddha just chilling in the AM sun

one of the things i have been struggling with is having my home feel more like a sanctuary, it seems hard to find peace in a space filled with legos, crayons and paper, or stuffed animals (and also, apparently my halloween mice have become “dirty rats” who are gangsters and trying to destroy the lego transformers. yea, this is what my home is like). i have created my own little corner for my morning sadhana (my daily spiritual practice), but inevitably it gets taken over, so I move it and again taken over. this was the part of having kiddos i didn’t think about, i knew about the lack of personal space, but i hadn’t thought of the home take over.

i love my home.

i love my boys.

i just would like that little space for me.

all in due time i am sure, the boys will want to play more in their room rather than mine or the living room. in due time, i will be able to find my little corner for meditation and yoga. right now, i find places in my home to put little reminders to breathe, to recite mantra, to give love, to move, to pray. these little alters everywhere are reminders that even amongst the chaos of home (legos!!!!!!!!!) we weave the sanctuary in. after all, it wouldn’t be home with out the two cutest littles i know, even if that means i have to be careful so i don’t step on legos or match box cars.

happy friday y’all! i hope you have fun weekend plans




One thought on “bliss at hOMe:creating a sanctuary

  1. So much peace to you and slices of sanctuary where you find them! I have also noticed starting a few months ago – I heard what I had been saying “there is no room for me in my life.”

    And so I saw it, and started making it so, I found a yoga studio who needed helpers, and lucky me! Nobody wants to be a Friday night helper, so I get every Friday night (I work Saturdays, so Fridays are not going out nights) and its RESTORATIVE!

    I made room for my practice in my bedroom (I am blessed to have my very own bedroom which sure helps with the husfriend not tripping over my yoga mat, or any other early morning things that happen before his wake up time!). I made room for me on the living room (I do not find the couches comfortable) and have generally just been noticing where I feel squeezed and pushing back some.

    I also am about to be 50 and here is what I see – a day and a week can take a year it feels like – but this year? I blinked twice. So much love to you and slices of sanctuary where you find them. (right between Buddah and Aloe :}

    I appreciate you.

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