Thank you, now go

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller 

img_2155because today should be a yoga pose day, you get this 😉

thank you for being here. when i started blogging (under yoga betty), it was mostly an experiment in writing. sharing about my yoga journey and what i discovered mostly about myself. it has been six years of writing now (today IS the actual anniversary) and i can’t even begin to say thank you to all the wonderful people i have connected with over the years. from twitter and instagram, those connections have become familiars and friends. i mean, hello! i co-authored a book with a woman i have never actually met in person (love ya Nanc, hope the beach is beautiful!), so to say thank you, well, it hardly feels like enough.

some of you have listened to my words quietly for years (Teri, hugs mama. ABP soon? or sukha hang time!), some may be new. plenty have come and gone. my gratitude is for all y’all (thank you Texas for that little nugget of vocabulary). over the next couple days, i have decided to take my social media break. while we don’t really do thanksgiving, we treat it as a family day and a connection day. “black friday” will be spent in the garden and awaiting guests to arrive. as a person who is sensitive to sensation, i am finding out how important it is to take time away from the screen. from the ease of hiding in your home and raging. from the comparison (because you know, everyone slips into that). i will be practicing what i preach, disconnect to reconnect! i hope you take a little time away from social media today too.

one last little thing… starting on monday, nancy from flying yogini and i are hosting a free instagram course. yoga tools: how to survive the holidays! we have chosen tidbits from our book and have come up with some awesome ways to stay in the spirit of the holidays while also keeping your cool. we hope you will join us! sign up and receive 5 daily emails on how to bring in the yoga to your life. no experience necessary and maybe like 10 minutes of your day to read and act. i hope you will join me. Sign up here

img_2196sneaking in some quiet time just for meeeeeeeeeee

have a great day y’all!



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