bliss in the home: the art of drinking coffee

“Coffee first. Schemes later.”
― Leanna Renee Hieber

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
― Louisa May Alcott

img_2216as they say “no coffee, no prana”, even gigi knows it

five minutes on this blog or on instagram and you KNOW that i love coffee. not just as my go-to wake me up drink, but as a ritual of experience. i love the process of making the coffee, waiting for it to brew, and sipping the coffee. a warm mug in my hands, the smell wafting from the mug, that first sip, heaven! bliss can be found in a cup.

whether you drink tea or coffee or hot water with lemon, taking time to enjoy the process of making it as well as drinking it can shift your whole morning. here are some helpful ways to make this a mindful practice:

give thanks for the water as you are filling up the pot or kettle. give thanks that you have access to fresh, clean water, and maybe send a little love out to the world so that all beings everywhere can have access to fresh water.
mindfully prepare your cup. i like to pour some warm water in my mug while i am waiting for my water to boil for my french press. no matter how you brew your coffee or tea, you still have to wait. using that time to prepare your mug, steam the milk, slice lemons for your tea, or consciously set out your accouterments.
when i am pouring my water into the press, i swirl the water clockwise. it is just another way to draw more positivity into my day. i also like to use that moment to set some intentions for my day. try it!
once you mug is ready, pause before you sip. take in the aroma. the warmth of the cup. then take a sip. taste the warmth of your drink and really enjoy it. sit down and take a few minutes for you to enjoy your beverage. even if you only get a minute to do so, take that time for you. it’s important to take time and enjoy the things you love!


img_6499an oldie, but one of my fav pics of making coffee

finding bliss in the home, one little ritual at a time,



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