Samadhi Report: new moon love

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

fall is a good time to make changes

i love a good new moon.

something about that dark side that reminds me of the importance of embracing life: the good, the bad, the UGH WTF. each month we get reminders that we are reaching our full growth and that it is time to let go of what doesn’t serve (the full moon) and two weeks later we get to enjoy a moment of a clean slate to put our intentions out in the world of what we want to create (the new moon).

something about getting up this morning felt like i needed a change. a little shift in how i look to bring about some much needed samadhi and internal shift/healing in how i view myself. sometimes we can change our outward looks to match something we are creating on the inside. for me, i want something more playful. i keep getting signs of more fun in life, more laughter, and more lightheartedness! it was time to slough off the worries and just cut the bangs and buy the overalls. why not! i have been craving a sense of playfulness in how i look.

oh new moon, thank you for reminding me to have fun  and to let loose a little. 2016, you’ve been, well, i don’t even have the words, but i’m gonna spend the last month of you enjoying the hell outta life. join me why don’t you?




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