Authenticity: bliss in me

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
― C.G. Jung

errr-mouthbig hair don’t care, not matching, lover of life

as this new year began, i started the dive deep into what authenticity looks like for me. what it feels like to be true to my own heart. my own skin. my own passions. while i strongly feel as if i HAVE been authentic to myself, my big crazy hair wile and free most days. my yoga practice being mostly sipping coffee and moving my body in what is organic to me. parenting the boys in ways i see fit. five minute meditating, hari om chanting, silly dancing, baking goodies human. in a world that is looking to make everyone the same, it is a revolution to be oneself. are you game to do so?

finding bliss with myself, my body and who i am is a journey. it is a learning and a relearning that i am not the number on the scale or firm belly of a woman who has never given birth. i am more than the picture squares on instagram or even the photo shown here. my true self is vast, just as you are my friend. you are so much more… do you know that? do you feel the bliss of being you? i hope you take time this week or weekend to see yourself as is and let loose some of what you have been hiding. be you friend, you ROCK!




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