it’s not always bliss and let go

“If your goals aren’t synced with the substance of your heart, then achieving them won’t matter much.” ― Danielle LaPorte

IMG_4921sometimes life is blurry

as a gal on the search for a life filled with bliss (or samadhi as the yogis call it), i’m here to say that it’s not all bliss. nor rainbows or kittens or puppies. and for sure life does not always hand you the shit you want. sure, there are lots of times that life is all of the above and hands you that magical cake to remind you that you deserve dessert and much much more. but it isn’t enough to just ASK for what you want. not enough to just put it out into the universe  and wait to see what comes to you. that’s like going on a fishing expedition and not really caring whether you catch a fish, a lizard, or an old boot. it’s all the same to you. trusting that something will happen and forgetting about it isn’t going to necessarily give you what you want.

lately, i have been in this kind of auto-pilot mode.

i ask for what i want without any effort or energy spent toward it and yes, for a bit all the good juju was coming my way. it didn’t last. it didn’t last, because i put no work towards it. i made no effort, no movement to say “yes, this is what i want. how do i make it stay?” it’s like saying, “i really want the house to be clean.” and then just sitting there hoping something will happen. i’ve been doing just that. asking. putting it out there. but then not doing a damn thing about it. just waiting for something. anything to happen. it’s not always bliss waiting when you have already been invited to take action and make life happen for you. bliss is there, but life gives you the best when you put in a little effort.

i also have learned that while i can ask for the world, it’s super helpful to have some priorities of what i want the most. it really helps having an order of importance of what you want to create. so here it is, in order of importance, where my bliss priorities lie:

  • to be present with my boys, because this time is short and they are only little once;
  • to be a loving partner and good friend to the man. we don’t always have time to connect on the daily, but i know that needs more of my priority;
  • teaching the most amazing restorative yoga classes ever. but mostly, making them more about a safe space to come undone. it’s the undoing that allows us to grow and evolve;
  • writing books that help bring the yoga practice into the rest of our lives! sure, mat time is great and important, but hey, those other seven limbs help us navigate a life well lived. i want to encourage you to live your best life;
  • a clean house. a messy house = a messy mind, but taking 30 minutes every day to just clean up some will help (at least me and my mind) keep some of the crazy at bay;
  • eating more fruits and veggies, drink my 8 glasses of water every day, and move my body more. self care is super important an especially as a mama, since no one else is going to do it for me;
  • and lastly, read and write every day. a poem or a chapter of reading helps my creativity spark and writing whether it be journaling or a new book, uses that creativity so it doesn’t get stagnant.

while these things may not be revolutionary, there are parts of the bigger picture. they help me keep bliss as a every day occurrence even amongst the toddler breakdowns and four-year-old  fits. life doesn’t always have to be easy. or even always happy, but asking for it to be and then doing nothing to make it so seems like a waste of time to me 😉




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