food bliss

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
― Julia Child

IMG_4920roasted beets anyone?

we eat all the time.

three meals a day, not including snacks. if you’re like me, that means you are feeding your face up to five times a day. how much of that are you enjoying?

yes, food is fuel, but it is also important to taste your food, enjoy your food, to make it an experience in your day. i like to sip my coffee, taste my food. see my family enjoy something i have made. and homemade can be relative. we all have different loves of cooking: from no love to hell yes let’s cook.

so pick some stuff you like to make, it can be simple/easy. it just needs to bring you joy, joy to make and joy to eat. here are a few things i love:

IMG_5140pizza night always makes the fan happy!

IMG_5167quick kimchi cucumbers! from: it’s all good

IMG_5169yes i like food in jars 😉 tangerine juice with vanilla coconut yogurt! the best!!

take some time today and make some food you love. or that your family loves. put some music on and let the love infuse your food.




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