the art of making space

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
― Ann Landers

IMG_8839space: in house, in body, in mind

all cards up front, i am writing this after 3 hours of “cleaning” the house. by cleaning, i mean purging, going through ALL the stuff. holy wow.

in our world today, we value collecting stuff. buying stuff. gaining things. we place our worth with what we house. there is a whole market for storage, literally a whole other place t put your stuff when you don’t have room in your house for it. so what about the clearing space? how can we focus more on making space?

i love going through our things and purging: all the baby stuff is on its way out, clothes that are not longer worn but are still in good shape, recycling the tickets we get from parties or other knickknacks. clearing space. not just for more stuff, but for the potential of what space gives us. space gives us: more places to play, more room to create, space to be bored, to find imagination. for me it gives some space for opportunity to show up.

what if by letting go, i allow the universe to bring me what’s next?

what if i let go and more joy/bliss walks in?

for the boys, it makes space for more playing. more imaginative. an actual physical space. physically clearing space for them.

for me, it’s more about the potential. leaving room. not having to spend extra time putting clothes away or sorting toys they don’t play with. keeping house work to a easy task vs a constant overhaul. everything having a home. making mental space for me.

the art of clearing space means that we all feel a bit more breathing room. whether it be for imagination and play or breathing space and room for other important duties! don’t forget to sage, palo santo, or just spray some lavender mist around to clear the energy too 😉

happy clearing space!




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