bliss in parenthood

“You are the closest I will ever come to magic.”
― Suzanne Finnamore

IMG_5762taking a reset by picking peaches off our tree

it isn’t always easy.

in fact most things aren’t, but it is especially true in parenthood. i struggle (as i am sure many people do) with the “balance” of being a parent and being myself. they are one and the same, yes i am always me, but the requirements of parenthood asks me to be above and beyond myself. which is where the struggle lies for me.

recently, i came to the realization that it is important for me to make peace (find bliss) with being a mama when i need to be a mama and take time to work when i am not being a mama. sure, it is great for the boys to see me working. it is also not a good example for me to be on my phone or laptop, when they are wanting to go play or wanting attention. how unfair is it to ask them to wait, to be quiet, to give me time/space when the time i get with them is really so limited. work will always be important (and truthfully, there will always be work), but so are the days when my boys want to be with me. and so i am choosing the bliss of just being with what is. the bliss of being a parent.

of course, this applies to so much more than parenthood, we can say that when we give our attention to one thing at a time (instead of the overly hyped multitasking), we can find the bliss of what is, of what is in front of us. work at work, be at home when at home, and when with friends/family we be present with them. which of course takes work and effort, all things do.

i am shifting my days, how i work, how i take time for myself. i am finding the bliss in parenthood by just being present.




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