Every day life..

“Things change everyday. With each new dawn, it is not the same world as before. And you’re not the same person you were either.”
― Haruki Murakami

IMG_6007just a regular morning walk to school

IMG_5981little alters everywhere

IMG_6036playing with friends in the “dino ribs”

IMG_6052hide n seek on the streets of downtown austin 😉

IMG_6031bear chilling with some yoga babes for a quick sukha photo shoot

every day life is filled with laundry, cooking, getting two boys out the door and into the world, along with some coffee, yoga and some writing.

every day life looks a lot like “quick quick slow.” it looks a lot like the cha-cha and often is a dance of some sort. a dance of getting boys dressed, of making coffee, and some meditation in during the chaos.

every day life is fun, frustrating, beautiful, messy, and just life. it just is.

i haven’t been capturing as many photos, but the ones i have been getting make my heart soar with the wonder that my life has become. these small humans, the man, my community, spring time and austin, well, the combo is absolutely fabulous.

where is the joy in your every day life?




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