when we make time to learn


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein

“The first person you have to resurrect is yourself”
― The RZA


IMG_6694it all starts with knowing me

i wasn’t really planning on share this, but i am enrolled in elena brower’s ELEVATE mentorship program. like so many of us, i sign up for a lot of online course seeking more knowledge, often i don’t participate enough to make it worth it. so when i signed up for this mentorship, i came into to just listen. sure, participate if i can, but listening to what another person has to share is also incredibly valuable.

so i find myself in the space of listening and making space to learn. no expectations but to know and greet myself where i am today. not where i should or could be, but simply allow the space for awareness. when we find ourselves allowing space to learn, we can’t help but learn about ourselves. each gift of knowledge comes through our mental filter, our experience filter, and can’t help but shift us in even the smaller of ways.

the knowledge i seek is within me and i have always know this to be true.

i am reminded of this and that there is bliss in learning. about myself. about new topics. expanding and trying new things. moving out of my comfort zone.

like trying a new yoga pose or a new style, we expand when we allow space for it. what are you wanting to learn? how can you make time to gain more knowledge? about yourself or something else you are excited about?








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