Summer Daze

So far our summer break has been filled with swimming, playing, lots of coffee breaks, popsicles for breakfast, a tooth drama, weekly library visits, and so much more.

I have been coming to terms with spending the summer more as mom than as yoga liz (which to be fair, I’ll always be. Especially since I’ll be teaching and well I can’t erase that part of me!). I am enjoying the slow simplicity of being and living moments at a time. Here are some moments of bliss!

We found a praying mantis this morning. This spirit totem symbolizes taking time to slow down. Find stillness. Be calm.
An abandoned porch swing 😉
Our local “watering hole”

Bringing out my construction gear for all the self work I’m doing. I love you I love you I love you.
Early mornings outsidebuckets are really fun… like really fun!have I told you that Bear LOVES chickens. LOVES them
Sunsets have been amazing!
Hope your summer break has been awesome!




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