Back to School

Ahhhhh, space!

First off, I’d like to say: I knew what I was getting into this summer. Three full months of parenting, no school, committing to enjoy being a parent to these two littles and giving them as much of myself as I could.

But, DAMN!

Parenting can be hard AND it can be good. It is both.

back in the beginning when we liked each other šŸ˜‰

I am so excited for the boys to be back in school, mostly because, mama needs some space. I learned a lot about myself this summer: what I need, what I am creating with yoga and in this life. I discovered that what I really need is to reconnect with myself. After all, I’m a mama to two boys and that means I’ve grown/changed twice now.

Motherhood asks of us to change.

To grow.

To put others in front of ourself.

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore ourself.

It means we need to get to know ourselves again.

And so it begins.

Fall is almost here and I am looking forward to rediscovering myself, to getting some hobbies, to writing a new book (I know, so exciting!!), and relaxing A LOT. I’m looking forward to what I want to keep sharing with y’all here. On IG.

I’m growing and changing. C’est la vie!

This is life, change.

I look forward to coming back to blogging. To share life, bliss. I look forward to being back in bliss.

After all, some breathing room will bring new chances to find my bliss




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