Blessings of Duality

Duality: the condition of being dual (perhaps balance or accepting two oppositions can happen at the same time)

Back to school has happened and for the last few weeks I have been running frantically trying to “get life back on track.” But I learned and am still learning that life happens regardless of how you want it to be.

I’m working on sharing here more (soon I’m making the commitment to blogging more again!) and for now, here are some things I have learned this week:

  • Eat the damn cake and have the green juice too. Every day asks something else from us, listen.
  • It’s ok to sleep in. It’s ok to get up early for meditation.
  • Being outside is never wasted time.
  • Neither is laying on the sofa reading a book or watching an inspiring movie.
  • Fear is a DB named Bob (no offense people named bob!!!) and he will naysay your dreams to death, eff him! Not literally, but tell fear to take a hike, because using fear as an excuse not to fulfill your dream is regrettable. You can save Bob and fear for running into a bear out in the wild.
  • Tribe is as strong as family and it’s important to call on them. It’s also important to have alone time and really know how you feel/observe what is happening.

Life is all about balance, being so extreme can take all the joy out of life. Make sure you are living in a way that feel authentic and loving. How can you balance self-care and joy? Y’all, how was your week?



Ps, Restore Yourself the book will be up on Amazon later today 🙊 I can’t believe it!!!


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