Coming Home

in a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.  ~Caroline Caldwell


Ahh, i’m so happy to be writing here today.  I have missed sharing and writing here.

On this New Moon, I thought I would come home and begin at the beginning. I haven’t shared since my restore yourself book came out and to be honest, I have kind of been in a bit of a cocoon. I love a good project and so when my book was finished, I felt (and still feel) a little lost as to what to do now. I have been a little bit wandering, I little bit trying to fill my own cup. And that is how I find myself now, filling my own cup and spending these next few months working hard at being myself and practicing self care.

Fall is a perfect time to start turning inwards and work on coming from love (which includes loving MYSELF more). That is where I am. Each day, i am taking time to meditate, to move my body, to breathe space and new life into my home. Each day, I go outside into my garden and connect to the earth. I remind myself over and over again that no matter what, this world is beautiful. this life is beautiful. i am beautiful.

Next week is my 39 birthday and as my usual tradition, i am coming up with a list of adventures i would like to experience before the next one. some big things will happen between 39 and forty (like getting married in January, going to Bora Bora in May), but there is also somethings I haven’t quite figured out yet. I feel called to find a hobby or volunteer my time at the school. To take Elena Brower’s class when she comes to texas. To get clear and connected to my intuition. To step outside of my comfort zone MORE often.

There is a lot, i think. I look forward to sharing my list next week.

Today, take a moment to close your eyes and focus on what you really want in life. Write it down. Tuck it in a journal or a book. And watch it grow.








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