Disconnect to reconnect

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.~Anne LamottI’m excited to get back to blogging. back when I first started, it felt like a good place to connect with others. Now it seems like social media has become our one minute share. Our quick preview, but not really letting anyone get a true look. I fell for it: the fancy pics for Instagram and the opinion shares on Facebook. I miss the stories so I’m coming back to blogging. Something that I really want to share and chat more about is connection. We have a skewed view of it today and perhaps it is time to change or challenge it. We look at connection as in “do you have WiFi here?” or in how many “friends” or “followers” we have, but are those really the kinds of connections we are seeking?I’d say no. So many friends talk of how lonely they are, even those in relationships. Logging onto the computer is not the same as sitting down and having coffee with a friend or even making a new friend at your coffee shop. We are starving we to be seen, only in a “good light” though. Fear has crept in and some how we don’t believe we are good enough. I call BS.Maybe I’m “old”, I remember a time before cell phones and especially before “smart phones,” but I think if we took more time for people to people (or how about people to nature!!) connection, we all might feel a bit better. I think the always being available, checking our ph ones at stop lights, and 45 pictures to take “spontaneous” photo are the straws breaking the camels back. You can find plenty of studies to show the importance of taking “time off” from the internet, but getting to the next step of actually doing it is the challenge.How do you unplug?Many people use their phones as their main source of contact, emails are expected to have almost immediate reply back, and don’t forget that camera! It’s easy to find the excuses, but once you make the shift, the space and relief will surprise you. Start by turning off “notifications,” you don’t need to see the number of waiting emails or comments on your post. When you are ready you can look, but it is easy to get distracted and lose an hour when all you wanted to do was respond to a text.If you don’t need it with you, don’t carry it. This is hard, I know, but going to the grocery store or for a run does not always require your phone. A quick trip to the store should not require checking in. If you are running in a secluded area, have it for safety (that is a good reason to have it!!), but don’t be playing on it and running. Try no music and just listen to the sounds that surround you. Or your own breath. Or you inner dialog. It might surprise you. Nature makes beautiful music. Your words to yourself may actually be really mean. Listening is important. Letting the world know where you are is not.Think about it as a phone not as a toy. It is easy to get lost into apps or articles when you are alone, why not use that time to day dream or check in with yourself. I know self reflection is hard, but come on! Ignoring yourself is a fast track to midlife crisis mode or even worse, bad health. Next time you are waiting in line, keep the phone in your pocket and check in with you.The more we connect with ourselves, the better lives we can lead. The more content we will find ourselves. And maybe even have a little extra time to read that book we’ve been meaning to pick up.xo,LizPs, thanks for reading and hanging out today! I’m working on some regular things to share here including some simple yoga practices for home, easy recipes to share, and connection practices (like unplugging). I’m working on anew name for the blog, something like “the simple yogini” or I don’t know. These last months of 2017 will have me working hard to bring you some good stuff. Maybe you will want to hang around.


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