Oh hello 2018!



How exciting is it to have a Super Moon show up on New Year’s day!?!?

What a great way to step into 2018 than by having this full bodied moon to remind us of cycles come full circle. As another 365 days have passed, we begin at Day 1 yet again.
How are you showing up today for yourself?
What actions are you taking on Day 1?

For me, I am choosing a theme/intention for January (why try and choose a word for he whole year! It always changes) and I am looking at my priorities for this month. One word and three priorities to make sure that all decisions I make align with what I want to create.

For me I am choosing: Foundation.
Foundation, setting the base for what the year will hold. I plan on studying more, writing more, practicing more yoga, spending a lot of time with friends and family(hello, wedding on the 14th, so much friends and family time), diving deeper into my creativity. I am setting up for a year of growth, challenges, and joy.

My priorities are:

  • Family and laughter
  • Making my restorative classes the best in Austin
  • Getting organized

All the decisions I make this month, I hope to make in alignment with these values and emotions.

What are you setting up for 2018? And how are you doing it?



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