Coming Home…

“The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live.” ― Ayn Rand


I have been itching to get back here for awhile now. Why I haven’t until now, I can’t really say. Perhaps I just didn’t have the words or the message wasn’t clear to me. You see this year has been busy. Not just the wedding or even raising two boys, but once again I am looking to discover myself. Growing does that to a person.  But I am back, I am home. In this modern age, blogging might be dead. After all, who has time to read any more (I have to admit, I died a little writing that, but it feels so true), so I thank you for taking your time to read this. It seems the written word has been replaced with vlogging and podcasts, something to listen to while we do something else. Perhaps that’s why I love writing (and reading) so much, it asks for all of your attention. To listen for just a few minutes. To really absorb what is being said.

And so I come back to writing, because I love it.

I come back to being here, because I want to share. This space has been in transition for some time now as I have tried to figure out what it is I want to share or say. As I have been growing, it made sense that this space to should change and grow. So here it is, the day has come to make those changes. In some weird way I have come back full circle in wanting to talk more about bringing yoga into our lives, not just in the yoga studio. I will be resurrecting this theme here and adding in a heavy dose of ways to start taking better self-care (that will try not to involve spending a ridiculous amount of time or money, because your energy is sacred!). There will be talk of motherhood (because HELLO, I am a momma), but I will try to keep the motherhood stuff to relatable topics for non-parents and to one specific post a week.

It is time for me to get really simple in how life works. How I can be a brighter light in the world. How we all can connect to ourselves and therefore others. I want this space to be a place you want to visit. Like dropping by a good friends house for tea/coffee and catching up. Or reminding yourself of your love for writing poetry, taking delicious baths, or gardening. These are all yoga and they are all good ways to fill your cup/refresh your soul.

So here’s some homework(optional of course 😉 )

What do you love to do, but don’t make enough time for?

How are you finding ways to nourish yourself daily? Weekly? Monthly?

And who are you?


Don’t feel obligated to have the answers, I certainly am still looking for them myself, but I can tell you that asking the questions and actively seeking the answers is the first step. So welcome back. Thank you for being here. I love you. And I’ll see you again soon!

xo, LVE



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