Getting back to good

“Be you, love you. All ways, always.”
― Alexandra Elle


I have fallen off the wagon.

I know. I know what you are thinking, we all fall off sometimes Liz, you just gotta get back to it. Here’s the thing about self-care, it’s hard. Until we can really make it a part of our day or a ritual of a sort (like our days can’t actually start until we have washed our face. kind of like how women in the 50’s would wake up extra early, so their husbands never saw them without make up on. That’s the kind of commitment I am looking for), we will keep struggling to make it habit. The problem, I don’t want “habits,” I want practices that feel like they make me better, which all these things do. So I struggle. I crash a little. And then I get back up.

Here are my five morning essentials. I may not always do them, but I am a better human when I do:

  1. Water. A big glass of water is necessary for me upon waking. I tend to be a little dehydrated, I am making a big effort to combat this. And yes there are definitely times that my glass of water is warm. And could probably be better called coffee. But again, it’s practice.
  2. Write, meditate, breathe. Yes, I know these are technically three things, BUT without each other, i can do none of them. For me to meditate, I have to clear my mind. Writing has proven to be an essential creative process for me. I love journaling, asking/answering questions, and plotting all sorts of things. Having written, I can then sit in stillness. Get clear. And make space. Before I leave the cushion, I take about 6-10 rounds of clearing breath. I have totally jumped int life post meditation without this practice, but I am way more grounded and back on planet Earth when I take just a few extra moments to breathe and clear. So write, meditate, breathe. It works for me.
  3. Wash my face. This is a totally new thing for me, but since I am turning 40 in October, I figured better late than never. Washing my face helps clear away sleep and helps me wake up. I use some gentle cleaners from DoTerra as well as some of their anti aging lotions. I also use an amazing face oil from Folk Potions and her eye cream is amazing. (FULL disclosure: I am a doterra person and as I have said many times, i just share what i like and there is zero pressure to buy from me. I just like their products. Also Folk Potions is run by my friend Raina Rose, who is a folk musician and she was present at both my boys birth, she cut Aide’s umbilical cord. She is a regular bad ass mama who makes the most witchy concoctions! So there’s that). Washing my face makes me feel human, no matter how little I slept!
  4. Pull cards. I really am enjoying pulling oracle cards in the morning. Whether they be mantra cards, angel cards, or something else, I like the purpose it gives me. Little reminders that I am loved or that I am supported, but mostly they give me a peace of mind and space to stay positive in a world driven by fear. (i know that was heavy, but sometimes we just have to admit it)
  5. Get outside. It’s nice here. This is the best time of year, because it’s not super hot yet and even though the allergens are out of control, , it’s nice to be outside. So I go out to the garden and water. I talk to the plants and tell them how wonderful they are doing. I remind myself of seeds I am planting in life outside the garden and I mentally water those too. I go barefoot and let nature connect to me. I need this almost above everything. Everything except that water/coffee, I need that maybe just as much.

These are in no order and not necessarily anything you should do, but maybe you are a little inspired to come up with your own morning FIVE. Be gentle with yourself if you a creating these rituals and DO make them rituals. Have intentions behind them. Have meaning, otherwise they are just another mindless habit. And we all have plenty of those (picks up phone and scrolls…)

Have a great day y’all!



2 thoughts on “Getting back to good

  1. Just a quick “pop in” to let you know your words keep me bright and wavy. Thankful to have your spirit sending goodness through the www.

    I have found that these morning rituals make me a better person for this earth:

    1. Morning snuggles with my man and my pups.
    2. Pausing and smiling at myself and thanking the universe for all the good that has come into my life and all the good that is coming.
    3. Coffee. Water. Coffee. Water. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. LOL I really only have one cup of coffee before I head off to work but I make it a good one! French press with local, organic roast beans and then I make it “Austin style” with the addition of a pat of grass-fed, organic butter (Vital Farms), a scoop marine collagen (Vital Proteins), and a scoop of power mushroom blend (Wild Foods out of ATX) – it’s my morning meditation.
    4. Spritzing my face with a naturally scented facial/ body mist – the one I’m using now is called, Moon Mist (Among the Flowers is the brand) – similar to washing your face, but my skin is so dry in the high desert I can’t wash my face as much anymore.

    When I get up earlier this also makes my morning rituals even sweeter:

    4. I’m in total agreement with your outside ritual – tending to the plants and telling them how beautiful they are and feeding the birds – serious good vibes.

    Sending wavy vibes your way Lovely Lady!!

    – Bonnie

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