reclamation: noun

The process of getting something back


This post has been in my mind for a while.

And NO, I’m not pulling the plug here. In fact, I am wanting to dive further. To come back. I think I am ready.

Over the last few months, I have noticed a LOT of shifting, “skin shedding,” and being lost. These are the kinds of things that happen with growth and change. It is hard to say what exactly I am doing. Except I know that I am: parenting, teaching, holding space, cooking, laughing, crying, breathing, living.

I am reclaiming my writing practice here with y’all.

I am reclaiming parenting as yoga and encouraging them to practice on the mat with me.

I am reclaiming space for me to just sit and read (a short “what I have been reading” at the bottom of this post).

I am reclaiming my self care which includes but not limited to: drink more water, moving my body daily (dance parties totally count!!), meditating at least 5 minutes, balancing my checkbook and knowing I don’t always have to spend all my money, and roll on the tennis balls daily to break up the tension in my back.

I am reclaiming this space to share writings, poetry, photos, and life as it is.

So here I am; exploring who I am, parenting two little boys, doing the restorative yogas, finding self care, baking/cooking, and this space will resume the rawness of all these things. Who doesn’t need more cooking inspiration, home yoga practice ideas, and self care tidbits. Along with some  poetry or photo collage, I really look forward to getting back to sharing here.

Happy Monday and post Full Moon day. I hope what ever you are creating or doing is with your full heart.



Current Reads:

Cooke books:

It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow & Thea Bauman

Six Seasons: A new way with vegetables by Joshua McFadden


Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward (this book is amazing AND very intense. Please don’t let the intensity of it detour you from finishing it though or starting it. I finished it in 48 hours once I got passed the first chapter. Seriously, pick it up)

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood (this is a quick easy read. It is fun and while not exactly light hearted, it is a great view of Odysseus’s journey told from his waiting at home wife’s view point.)


Heart Talk by Cleo Wade (I was head nodding and saying hell yes throughout this entire book. Cleo Wade has a way with words and reminds us all that we are mother loving amazing!)

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero (I admit, I have tried to read this book like FIVE times, but recently, I bought it again and am LOVING it. Sure there are things we all know, but she reminds us that above all else, we need to love ourselves!)


Expect more book shares, at least once a month! Expect more self care tips. Expect more motherhood chatter. And most of all, expect more truth about how we are all shifting and changing and how it is perfectly normal!



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