Acts of Self-Care: Part 2

“Every day has the potential to be the greatest day of your life.”
― Lin-Manuel Miranda


These acts of Self Care are more about reminders to make sure you keep your mind, body, and soul clear. These are not every day acts, but when you put them off they can become every day nagging! So without further ado (and again, these can be interpreted straight forward or how suits your needs):

  1. Make your dentist appointment. Our teeth are a good sign of our health (or amount of coffee/tea we drink), have them checked.
  2. Get your car/bike tuned up, safety first!
  3. Take a week and do a food journal, how is what you are eating affecting you?
  4. Take a mental health day and rest, read, or take a hike.
  5. Take a good look at your debt. Carve out an afternoon to make a plan to reduce it.
  6. Make your annual lady appointment or your general practitioner appointment.
  7. Do a seasonal purge of clothes, books, and trinkets that no longer serve a purpose in your home.
  8. Do a money tracking journal or use an app to see where you are spending your money.
  9. Take a day, week, or month off of social media.
  10. Review your goals, intentions, and desires, once a quarter. Make sure you are going where you want.
  11. Trash your make up if you have had it longer than a year.
  12. Are you taking your daily vitamin?
  13. Look over your daily routines/rituals, what is serving you? what feels like too much effort? Reassess what your priorities are and make the changes.
  14. Clean your house. A good scrub down of the shower/bath tub or your bed room or living (any room really!!!) helps keep your mind clear. A lot of work, yes, but it feels amazing once it is done.
  15. Have you scheduled your next vacation? Stay-cation? Don’t let your vacation time slip away, you can use it to visit local watering holes, watch the rain fall and sip hot cocoa, or day dream about a tropical island until you are able to ACTUALLY get to said island.

What other acts feel like self care to you that may not be daily acts?

(i am loving these shares, I hope you are too!!)




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