The Breaks Over

Things We Love Right Now, Summer edition

IMG_0963 “Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.” ― Pablo Neruda

Summer is changing me.

It sounds wild, but it seems as if the chaos of these long days has stirred all creativity within me. Which of course is amazing, but it is also the lack of free time that has made this a slow process. Alas, we are here today and all the sharing begins!

Some things we are loving currently:

  • Iced coffee all day long;
  • Acai bowls for breakfast and sometimes for lunch;
  • Reading for the pleasure of it (be sure to check out my monthly list of books I have read! 😉  )
  • Playing in the garden right when we wake up;
  • Asking “Alexa” to tell us Knock, Knock jokes;
  • Magnet Tile (ok, this is way more the boys, than myself!) Castles;
  • DoTerra’s Lavender & Peppermint oils as a post swim spray;
  • Watermelon and cucumber salad;
  • Some Summer Time tunes!


I am hoping to keep adding some fun to our summer days and enjoy the space/freedom we get to feel when the days are long and hot. The nights are warm and filled with laughter, s’mores, and good friends!



ps: full disclosure, I am not paid for anything I share, except for the doterra oils. If you buy oils under my link, I do make a commission. Just so you know…


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