What I’m Reading NOW

“You can’t give of yourself to others if there’s nothing left of yourself to give, can you?” ― Sarah Knight, Get Your Sh*t Together



summer has been, well, not quite what i thought it would be. in june, i envisioned time each day (regardless of summer school for the dudes) to write here, but reality hit quickly about what exactly my days would look like. now, i must admit that i have taken time to do other things that have filled my cup: like reading. i have been committed to reading a book a week or more if i read through a book faster. this book: how to get your sh!t together has been amazing!!

it has been perfectly aligned with my attempt to re-write myself into a bit more of an organized human. i am working on going against my DNA and natural state of chaos and last minute actions to the kind of person who plots, plans, saves for the future, and cleans her house on the regular 😉 i am also working on making my home more of a representation of us as a family. decorating and making it really lived in (not just kids crap every whee either, because you KNOW we got that ).

So back to this book, Sarah simply lays it out in simple goal oriented actions. Reminders that focus and every day efforts make a big difference. While I am not quite done with the book, i am really looking forward to implementing her tools as i gain some space to really reflect on all the goals i want to work on. (ps, manifesting and effort has been working wonders for my yoga classes already!!) once the dudes start school. it is time to get my shit together! and if you are thinking it is time for you too, you might want to consider this book.

Some things that i am working on getting “together”:

  • have a organized home with stuff that we use (and try to get rid of clutter);
  • ways to connect better with my yoga students (besides twice weekly classes);
  • make a healthy relationship with money (we really don’t talk about money in society, maybe it is time);
  • setting daily rituals & routines that work for myself and the fam;
  • looking at dreams and discovering if they are dreams or actions to take steps towards;
  • and to make nature a bigger part of our lives (bringing the outdoors in, work on the garden, AND spend more time outside!)


I am excited for this work and the challenges it will bring (because i am totally one of those people who start a project and quit after a few weeks. so i’m share with y’all is two fold 😉






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