Don’t forget to wash your face…

“I think the best beauty secret is to take care of your skin. Wash your face at night, wear sunscreen, and hydrate.” ~Sophia Bush


As a mama of two little boys AND a yoga teacher AND a culinary explorer, I am often very busy. My days start early and packed with demands of parenthood, but there are a few things that are nonnegotiable: morning coffee, reading in the bathtub, tons of water. Washing my face has become a nonnegotiable.

After nearly 40 years on this earth, it is about damn time I start getting in the routine of caring for my face. This little bit of self care is essential to making me feel awake in the morning, keeps me looking alert, and really just helps me feel human. I tried a lot of different face washes and lotions, but I have finally found the right combination for me.


The Doterra skin care line has been great for my face, along with the Magic Face Oil (not shown above) and eye cream from Folk Potions. This combo is my go to every DAMN day! Let me tell you friends, this ritual is so important to my morning and night. It has become less about the actual cleaning of my face and more about taking the time to talk loving to myself. To talk pretty words in the morning and wash away what doesn’t work at the end of the day. Washing my face has become a huge ritual full of symbolism, intention, and reminders that it is the simple things that make me happy. That are my self care. That make for a good mama.

I especially like to remind myself how great my life is and that I release anything that doesn’t serve me. What “boring” rituals do you do that you can be filled with beautiful intention? What words are you using with yourself? Can you be kinder?

I wish you happy rituals and kind words!




ps, in full disclosure: i am a wellness advocate for Doterra, if you buy things through me, I DO receive a small commission. BUT truthfully, I love their products. And their face stuff is amazing. Just wanted you to know.


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