Oh hello 2018!



How exciting is it to have a Super Moon show up on New Year’s day!?!?

What a great way to step into 2018 than by having this full bodied moon to remind us of cycles come full circle. As another 365 days have passed, we begin at Day 1 yet again.
How are you showing up today for yourself?
What actions are you taking on Day 1?

For me, I am choosing a theme/intention for January (why try and choose a word for he whole year! It always changes) and I am looking at my priorities for this month. One word and three priorities to make sure that all decisions I make align with what I want to create.

For me I am choosing: Foundation.
Foundation, setting the base for what the year will hold. I plan on studying more, writing more, practicing more yoga, spending a lot of time with friends and family(hello, wedding on the 14th, so much friends and family time), diving deeper into my creativity. I am setting up for a year of growth, challenges, and joy.

My priorities are:

  • Family and laughter
  • Making my restorative classes the best in Austin
  • Getting organized

All the decisions I make this month, I hope to make in alignment with these values and emotions.

What are you setting up for 2018? And how are you doing it?



How to receive

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.” ~Brené Brown

All too often we are quick to pass on complements, gifts, or find constructive criticism a personal attack. Somewhere, we have lost our ability to receive.

This last weekend, I️ got the gift of going away for a solo trip with some of my lady tribe. I️ just got to enjoy being myself, by myself for three whole days. Sure, i should have been doing this more, but as a mama of a 5 year old and a 2 year old, the “right time” to get away seemed to be elusive. Receiving the break in parenting and partnering to connect with myself and my lady friends is the best gift I️ could ever receive. It still doesn’t make it easy. So while I was getting a massage, this idea of making a list on how to receive popped into my mind. Without further ado 😉

  • When someone offers you a compliment, say thank you. You don’t have to justify or deny it. Receive it!
  • When you receive an unexpected gift, say thank you. You don’t have to say “you shouldn’t have” or “this is too much.” Receive it!
  • When you are getting a massage, a facial, a mani/pedi, hell even your hair cut, enjoy it. Try to be in the moment and let yourself feel pampered. Receive it.
  • When you have an unscheduled afternoon by yourself, do something you love. Don’t waste time fretting about your to-do list. Receive that space to enjoy.
  • When someone is trying to help you, don’t get mad because you can’t do it all yourself. Receive the help and know that you have a team of people backing you up!
  • When constructive criticism comes into your ear, listen. See if it is helpful, but don’t take it personal. They aren’t trying to make you feel bad. Receive it.
  • When actual criticism comes, tell them to eff off. We don’t have space to receive that!!

Friends, we give. We need to be able to receive so that we also feel good. So we also have full cups. So we do it have to do everything ourselves.

It is time to learn how to receive.

Start small. Learn to say thank you when you get complimented (but not back handed compliments, you tell them there is no space for that) or when an unexpected gift comes your way. From there, it just gets easier to receive 😉



Disconnect to reconnect

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.~Anne LamottI’m excited to get back to blogging. back when I first started, it felt like a good place to connect with others. Now it seems like social media has become our one minute share. Our quick preview, but not really letting anyone get a true look. I fell for it: the fancy pics for Instagram and the opinion shares on Facebook. I miss the stories so I’m coming back to blogging. Something that I really want to share and chat more about is connection. We have a skewed view of it today and perhaps it is time to change or challenge it. We look at connection as in “do you have WiFi here?” or in how many “friends” or “followers” we have, but are those really the kinds of connections we are seeking?I’d say no. So many friends talk of how lonely they are, even those in relationships. Logging onto the computer is not the same as sitting down and having coffee with a friend or even making a new friend at your coffee shop. We are starving we to be seen, only in a “good light” though. Fear has crept in and some how we don’t believe we are good enough. I call BS.Maybe I’m “old”, I remember a time before cell phones and especially before “smart phones,” but I think if we took more time for people to people (or how about people to nature!!) connection, we all might feel a bit better. I think the always being available, checking our ph ones at stop lights, and 45 pictures to take “spontaneous” photo are the straws breaking the camels back. You can find plenty of studies to show the importance of taking “time off” from the internet, but getting to the next step of actually doing it is the challenge.How do you unplug?Many people use their phones as their main source of contact, emails are expected to have almost immediate reply back, and don’t forget that camera! It’s easy to find the excuses, but once you make the shift, the space and relief will surprise you. Start by turning off “notifications,” you don’t need to see the number of waiting emails or comments on your post. When you are ready you can look, but it is easy to get distracted and lose an hour when all you wanted to do was respond to a text.If you don’t need it with you, don’t carry it. This is hard, I know, but going to the grocery store or for a run does not always require your phone. A quick trip to the store should not require checking in. If you are running in a secluded area, have it for safety (that is a good reason to have it!!), but don’t be playing on it and running. Try no music and just listen to the sounds that surround you. Or your own breath. Or you inner dialog. It might surprise you. Nature makes beautiful music. Your words to yourself may actually be really mean. Listening is important. Letting the world know where you are is not.Think about it as a phone not as a toy. It is easy to get lost into apps or articles when you are alone, why not use that time to day dream or check in with yourself. I know self reflection is hard, but come on! Ignoring yourself is a fast track to midlife crisis mode or even worse, bad health. Next time you are waiting in line, keep the phone in your pocket and check in with you.The more we connect with ourselves, the better lives we can lead. The more content we will find ourselves. And maybe even have a little extra time to read that book we’ve been meaning to pick up.xo,LizPs, thanks for reading and hanging out today! I’m working on some regular things to share here including some simple yoga practices for home, easy recipes to share, and connection practices (like unplugging). I’m working on anew name for the blog, something like “the simple yogini” or I don’t know. These last months of 2017 will have me working hard to bring you some good stuff. Maybe you will want to hang around.

40 before Forty!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
― Hunter S. Thompson

IMG_0497this is 39

Ahh, another year older and a good reminder that life moves all too quickly. Since I turn 40 next October, I thought it would be a perfect time looks at some new habits and some new experiences I would like to create. So without further ado 😉 and in no particular order:

  1. get a hobby! i’m looking into wood working,
  2. have restore yourself sell 100 copies (it just sounds exciting)
  3. travel some place new (Bora Bora in June, squee!!!)
  4. get married (january, it’s coming up fast)
  5. hold my first yoga retreat
  6. go on my first yoga retreat (separate from my own obviously)
  7. do another mentorship
  8. learn how to screen t-shirts
  9. read a book a month (fiction)
  10. have a monthly ladies night out
  11. volunteer more
  12. master some vegan baking and dishes
  13. teach more restorative yoga
  14. hold a connecting to your highest self class
  15. get really good at reading tarot cards
  16. donate things that we don’t use!!!
  17. use our roof deck for family dinners
  18. take the boys to the snow
  19. have a ladies weekend
  20. make my self care rituals more permanent in my day
  21. (finally) nail handstand!!
  22. take the boys camping
  23. see the grand canyon
  24. step out of my comfort zone more (like submit an article to a magazine)
  25. have professional photos take of the family
  26. master some basic photography so i can take more yoga pics
  27. write another book
  28. meditate daily
  29. learn to ask for help more often
  30. pay off my debts
  31. get really comfortable with money
  32. keep learning
  33. take some writing classes
  34. become more active in my community
  35. teach my boys some constellations
  36. go to Spain
  37. have a really epic garden
  38. grow and use my own herbs
  39. go to a daybreak’s yoga party
  40. meet my teacher Elena
  41. be really comfortable in my own skin

and one to grow on 😉

while these things vary in meaning and difficulty, i hope to accomplish them with ease and a hell of a lot of effort. with 40 “to-do’s” that is basically one a week and more a little bit of effort every month.

what is on your goal list?

xo, Liz



Coming Home

in a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.  ~Caroline Caldwell


Ahh, i’m so happy to be writing here today.  I have missed sharing and writing here.

On this New Moon, I thought I would come home and begin at the beginning. I haven’t shared since my restore yourself book came out and to be honest, I have kind of been in a bit of a cocoon. I love a good project and so when my book was finished, I felt (and still feel) a little lost as to what to do now. I have been a little bit wandering, I little bit trying to fill my own cup. And that is how I find myself now, filling my own cup and spending these next few months working hard at being myself and practicing self care.

Fall is a perfect time to start turning inwards and work on coming from love (which includes loving MYSELF more). That is where I am. Each day, i am taking time to meditate, to move my body, to breathe space and new life into my home. Each day, I go outside into my garden and connect to the earth. I remind myself over and over again that no matter what, this world is beautiful. this life is beautiful. i am beautiful.

Next week is my 39 birthday and as my usual tradition, i am coming up with a list of adventures i would like to experience before the next one. some big things will happen between 39 and forty (like getting married in January, going to Bora Bora in May), but there is also somethings I haven’t quite figured out yet. I feel called to find a hobby or volunteer my time at the school. To take Elena Brower’s class when she comes to texas. To get clear and connected to my intuition. To step outside of my comfort zone MORE often.

There is a lot, i think. I look forward to sharing my list next week.

Today, take a moment to close your eyes and focus on what you really want in life. Write it down. Tuck it in a journal or a book. And watch it grow.







Blessings of Duality

Duality: the condition of being dual (perhaps balance or accepting two oppositions can happen at the same time)

Back to school has happened and for the last few weeks I have been running frantically trying to “get life back on track.” But I learned and am still learning that life happens regardless of how you want it to be.

I’m working on sharing here more (soon I’m making the commitment to blogging more again!) and for now, here are some things I have learned this week:

  • Eat the damn cake and have the green juice too. Every day asks something else from us, listen.
  • It’s ok to sleep in. It’s ok to get up early for meditation.
  • Being outside is never wasted time.
  • Neither is laying on the sofa reading a book or watching an inspiring movie.
  • Fear is a DB named Bob (no offense people named bob!!!) and he will naysay your dreams to death, eff him! Not literally, but tell fear to take a hike, because using fear as an excuse not to fulfill your dream is regrettable. You can save Bob and fear for running into a bear out in the wild.
  • Tribe is as strong as family and it’s important to call on them. It’s also important to have alone time and really know how you feel/observe what is happening.

Life is all about balance, being so extreme can take all the joy out of life. Make sure you are living in a way that feel authentic and loving. How can you balance self-care and joy? Y’all, how was your week?



Ps, Restore Yourself the book will be up on Amazon later today 🙊 I can’t believe it!!!

Back to School

Ahhhhh, space!

First off, I’d like to say: I knew what I was getting into this summer. Three full months of parenting, no school, committing to enjoy being a parent to these two littles and giving them as much of myself as I could.

But, DAMN!

Parenting can be hard AND it can be good. It is both.

back in the beginning when we liked each other 😉

I am so excited for the boys to be back in school, mostly because, mama needs some space. I learned a lot about myself this summer: what I need, what I am creating with yoga and in this life. I discovered that what I really need is to reconnect with myself. After all, I’m a mama to two boys and that means I’ve grown/changed twice now.

Motherhood asks of us to change.

To grow.

To put others in front of ourself.

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore ourself.

It means we need to get to know ourselves again.

And so it begins.

Fall is almost here and I am looking forward to rediscovering myself, to getting some hobbies, to writing a new book (I know, so exciting!!), and relaxing A LOT. I’m looking forward to what I want to keep sharing with y’all here. On IG.

I’m growing and changing. C’est la vie!

This is life, change.

I look forward to coming back to blogging. To share life, bliss. I look forward to being back in bliss.

After all, some breathing room will bring new chances to find my bliss