Whether you are a student of mine here in Texas or just someone coming across these words on the internet by chance, we are all connected. It is time to move from only myself/my family/my friends to a view of connectivity amongst us all (including mama earth, but i’ll save that for a blog post. one day). When we connect with ourself and connect to that way, way back part of us, we see that connection to each other.

Friends, that is what I am moving towards. Connection.

To myself. To my family. To my friends. To strangers. To YOU. It’s time.

What I am offering in 2018:

~ coming home (body, mind, & soul);

~ ritual (over routine) every day;

~ better connection to self & other’s;

~ and simplicity as self-care!

I’m excited you are here.  Let’s build a place to come together.

                         xo,  liz