“when you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” ~yogi bhajan

Public offerings of Restorative yoga         IMG_6890

Two nights a week:

Sunday’s & Tuesday’s
Sukha Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Come home to yourself and connect with a beautiful community!



What is restorative yoga?

Restorative is a slower practice of asana, it relies heavy on the breath/pranayama and stillness to begin to work deeper into the letting go process of the muscles, of the mind, and of the heart. I work with the general movements of the spine to bring about an edge of discomfort in order to let you do your work. Props are used to assist in the letting go, just like when we are held we can soften, so does the body. Any where from 3-10 shapes are held for an hour long class and minor adjustments are given. Sometimes it is just the space being held for you to go deeper and sometimes it is a gentle warm hand reminding you that you don’t have to clench or grip.

Why should I take a restorative yoga class?

Good question! Some people feel it is only for when one is injured or a beginner, but restorative yoga is for everyone! Ready to deepen your practice? Come and allow yourself to “come home” while holding a heart opener for 10 minutes. Feeling like you can’t get over a hurdle in vinyasa? Explore what is happening on a deeper muscular level and let that shit go so you can flow! New to yoga and unsure? The room is dimly lit and everyone is exploring their own stuff! You get a free chance to feel asana or poses out in a way that feels good in YOUR body!

Still need a reason to try restorative? How about you think of it as the next level challenge, try stillness. Think of this as a very slow meditation or a way to really delve deeper into what yoga is all about.

Still need not sure? Here is what some of my students are saying:

It’s your heart momma. Your love for the class, for what it is for and how we as your students can benefit. Your heart and spirit shine through in your teaching us to release…the pain, the trauma, the judgement, the thoughts…you help us to find that moment of peace and tranquility that allows us to relax….For me, that moment of true relaxation is pure bliss and allows my heart and mind to open to everything. Thank you love, from the bottom of my heart for showing me the depth of relaxation and rejuvenation within my practice.-john s.

There’s so much I love about your class. #1 seriously being that you randomly hum and sing so very quietly, all of a sudden. #2 the truthful words of my worthiness you remind me of #3 the gentle way you touch #4 the way you incorporated that beautiful baby in our practice. All treasures and gifts. Thank you ♡-thule k.


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